Designing IPMS programmes

All of our programmes are developed and maintained to ensure value, relevance and they remain at the forefront of leadership needs.

This means constancy in the power of tools, and elasticity in the empowerment of leaders as they learn….

  • Controlling and empowering through policy
  • Optimal not limitless speed and accuracy in decisions and actions
  • Consideration and close attention in allowing skills to flower, and not people to flounder
  • Good boundaries allow for flexible processes
  • Innovation allowed to proceed reinvention
  • Better ‘rear-view’ boardroom board packs or develop the foresight to see over the horizon
  • Reversing role and poles to start ‘change flowing upstream’ not only downstream
  • Online isn’t a fully interactive sharing failure and success
  • Deep learning is imprinted emotionally
  • Quick does not mean valuable
  • Academic qualifications versus application qualifications: one gains you entry and the other wins the race, time and again
  • Success is measured in two ways (i) the development of the individual (ii) the enablement and real performance of the business