eCALA Leadership Academy, Greece

A first-of-its-kind leadership centre on a Greek island with its own unique programmes of learning designed for each student. Geodesic meeting rooms, classrooms and bedrooms, set by the sea.

Designed for leaders to breathe, laugh and learn…Click on the eCALA Leadership Academy tab to learn everything about it and download a detailed eCALA briefing document.

At your Organisation

All of our leader programmes are available to be delivery through your academy, offices or a location suitable to you.

When tasked with developing a specific level of leader to full functional competence, we do not run programmes with mixed levels of leaders e.g. we do not mix a course of Managers of Function with Managers of Others when developing a leader to full competence.

However, for a specific leadership competence e.g. (i) change management, or (ii) resource planning, or (iii) skills group management, we can mix levels of leaders.

We require a minimum number of 16 students per course, up to Manager of Function. Above this level it will be a bespoke programme.

eCALA briefing document...

For the very latest information and a full overview of eCALA, including course details and costs, please click to download the eCALA briefing document.

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