IPMS Global operates direct to client and through accredited partners, contact us and we will connect you with your territory partner. Overseeing the quality of training is the IPMS International faculty, these individuals may also be hired directly or through the accredited partner to execute your programmes.

Jacques Marais: Architect and Global Master Trainer in IPMS Toolkits

Jacques is the architect of every toolkit and programme used by clients globally. His passion is practicality, accessibility and instant execution.

He is a specialist in ‘applied Systems Thinking’ and was personally trained by the author the Goldratt “thinking processes” at AGI Goldratt in New Haven Connecticut

Jacques has led multiple projects internationally and you can read a lot more about him in a recently published interview in the International Leadership magazine  – here

Di Timberlake: Global Master Trainer in IPMS Toolkits

15 years a Master trainer of IPMS programmes with decades of business and commercial experience in banking, retail, pharmaceuticals and construction . Di has a brilliant track record in leadership and management training and joined IPMS in 2005.

Di specialises in delivery, running workshops for leaders to learn and grow in an environment of creativity and trust. Her students deliver excellent assignments and results through their people. It’s Di’s ability to develop leaders as teachers who in turn develop an ability to transfer knowledge and skills to their people, that sets her apart. She defines this as her critical success factor.

Di is also works on a voluntary basis with schools.

Gary Winter: Global Master Trainer in IPMS Toolkits

Gary joined the IPMS Global team in 1998 and has travelled the world delivering programmes. With a pedigree in coaching leaders through behavioural change, Gary has deliver the whole portfolio of  IPMS programmes

A great example of the work Gary delivers is explained by a client Dr. Jones Papo – here. The video illustrates the work we do and skill Gary has in coaching change.

Gary is highly experienced in running programmes on every continent, he truly is the epitome of the GLOBAL in IPMS.