Women in the Boardroom

Working in partnerhip with Colleen Larsen and the 30% Club – http://www.30percentclub.org we are running a major new programme in 2018 to get women in the Boardroom:

To build a pool of highly talented global thinkers, who can see over the horizon and bring everyone with them on the journey to your Vision.

2018 intake opens on June 3 with only 48 places available.

The  programme will be run at our eCALA Life Learning Village on the Greek island of Patmos – 4 KAMPs of one week each, spread over 20 weeks.

The Natural Selection Project is designed to prepare women for the Board by creating a ‘new talent pool’, not only steeped in Corporate Governance but highly talented global thinkers who can see over the horizon and, through Servant Leadership, bring everyone with them on the journey to your Vision.

Women are naturally more able – intellectually, academically, emotionally and spiritually – but are unnaturally not selected to run Companies. Nothing much has changed in 150 years except more consolidation of the ‘old club’ with a touch of ‘tokenism’ offered through the HR post. 

Tomorrow’s Directors need to be:

Sufficienct in committees, governance and reporting. 

Abundant in accurate decision making, initiative, innovation and seeing over the horizon using systems thinking beyond mere profit.

It’s time to set out new rules and new ground ……….

The Four Abilities in the Boardroom for women to be our natural leaders….

Ability 1: Through Servant Leadership to see over the horizon and truly know what could be and will be

Ability 2: Embed Innovation as a first skill and habit, empowering all roles to initiate and lead change

Ability 3: Re-engineer the Flow of Change to run ‘bottom up’ from touching the customer to reaching your goal

Ability 4: Harness the Triple Bottom Line as a Global Leader’s Performance System

Women in the Boardroom briefing document...

For the very latest information and a full overview of the programme including course details, please click to download the briefing document.

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