Women in the Boardroom

Working in partnerhip with Colleen Larsen and the 30% Club – http://www.30percentclub.org 

IPMS Global is running a major new senior programme for women.

The programme is designed to create a ‘new kind of talent pool’. One which is completely sufficient in good corporate governance, and abundant in the domain skills of a future Director:

A future Director must be able to teach, coach and mentor their Executives and Operating Boards to see over the horizon and become great servant leaders, excellent systems thinkers and lead innovation and change across their organisations.

The Four Abilities in the Boardroom for women to become future Directors

Ability 1: Through Servant Leadership and Socratic coaching / mentoring – direct their Executives and Operational Boards to look over the horizon and determine why and where they must lead the organisation.


Ability 2: Through coaching / mentoring educate leaders at all levels to embrace and embed Innovation across the organisation as a behaviour and a habit, empowering all roles to initiate and lead change.


Ability 3: Through coaching / mentoring educate leaders to reverse the Flow of Change to run ‘bottom up’ from service delivery, thus embedding continuous improvement and operational optimisation.


Ability 4: Comprehend and adopt the Triple Bottom Line as their global leadership macro-economic performance management system – anticipating the impacts on country and society of automation, robotics and all medical advancement.

A Client’s perspective: March 2018

“I had the pleasure of working with Jacques through the eCala Academy for our Exco development and cultural alignment programme. The process included conducting 360 degree assessments, stakeholder interviews, cultural assessment and leadership development sessions. The programme exceeded my expectations. I found Jacques’ work to be of a high caliber and highly impactful. Jacques is a knowledgeable and engaging facilitator. He has an excellent ability of engaging with senior leadership teams with candor and authenticity.”

Juliet Mhango, Chief Human Resources Officer

Background evidence

20 years of teaching thousands of leaders at every level here at IPMS Global has proven comprehensively that women are naturally more able to lead and direct. Assessments of thousands of students at middle to the very senior levels confrms women are intellectually, academically, emotionally, operationally and spiritually more consistent, constant and reliable. Yet women are constantly and quite unnaturally ignored. Tokenism exists but the ‘old club’ prevails because there is no real reason to change.

This programme aims to directly challenge the old paradigm and change the balance in the Boardroom

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The Programme Structure

This is a blue riband programme, packed with incredible people, teachers, content and a trip of a lifetime to the eCALA Life Village on the Greek island of Pátmos. Visit the website at https://www.ecalalife.com/

Two weeks fully inclusive at eCALA Life Village on the Greek island of Patmos;

Wellness treatments; boat trips; all food and alcohol;

Teacher time, materials, toolcards and toolkits;

Post event one to one support;

Transfer from the island of Kos to Patmos and return.

The 4 abilities are trained sequentially over 14 days in 3 training KAMPs of 4 days each, with a full days’ break in between each of the 3 KAMPs.

On days’ off the delegates will be taken across the Aegean sea to neighbouring islands to relax, swim and feast in local tavernas, all inclusive of the visit. Alternatively any historians might want to visit the Cave of Saint John where he wrote the book of Revelations and the ancient monastery of Chora. Or do it all ….. it’s possible.

The teaching days start early and end early to allow the delegate to relax and let the training sink in while lying in the sea, a hammock or heading off on a guided walk with Antonis, our local expert.

The Faculty

This flagship programme will be led by

Jacques Marais
The programme architect and the founder of IPMS Global, and supported, as required by members of
the international faculty of IPMS Global:

Professor Dan Denison
Professor of Management and Organization, IMD, Lausanne

Dr. Charlie Watts
Professor Supply Chain Management, John Carroll University

Extraordinary Professor Shirley Zinn
Visiting Professor to multiple global institutions and an experienced IPMS practitioner)

Pricing per person

€6, 750 euros inclusive of all the above, excluding VAT and flights to the Greek island of Kos.


R80,000 rand inclusive of all the above, excluding VAT and flights to the Greek island of Kos.

Travelling to eCALA Life on Patmos

Is easier than you think. Take any one of many direct flights from Europe to the island of Kos and we collect you at the airport and take you on a powerful catamaran to Pátmos. Before you know it you are home in your dome and ready for a swim in the sea!

Please rest assured that we will provide excellent advice on flight choices, we simply do not include or book flights because of the vast range of choices and corporate clients having special accounts with airlines.


Women in the Boardroom briefing document...

For the very latest information and a full overview of the programme including course details, please click to download the briefing document.

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