The guiding policy of an IPMS Supervisor / Team leader is the enabling of each of their Managers of Self to full performance.

IPMS will deliver a manager who will:

  • Master the IPMS Right Things Right (Capacity and Capability) Model in order to teach and transfer the tools supporting it, to their individual team members.
  • Train and coach their team to live the brand, values and spirit in delivering their job role.
  • Focus the individuals within their team to optimise their individual productivity and personal satisfaction in relation to their job role, values and purpose.

Range of Role

The new supervisors course is called FIRST XV because it aims to provide, in the first fifteen weeks in role, all managers with a set of core tools to lead and manage people to deliver superior, sustainable performance in line with their performance scorecards as well as the goals of each individual.

First XV is fundamentally about learning to supervise people and their performance.

The First XV training KAMPs (Key Areas of Management Performance) are directly linked to areas a manager must be competent in. The KAMP content is learned in the context of your real job and applied by you to your precise role, key result areas and job goals.

Beyond these first fifteen weeks is a lifetime in which the trained individual can apply their learning, because they are taught to understand the tools, trained to use the tools and assess competence through a body of evidence which demonstrates application of the tools.

Eligibility for this programme

By Status

To join a First XV programme you can be an existing supervisor with a team you are accountable for and need the foundations of management training, to enable you to optimise the performance of people.

By Potential

You are new into the role or you do not necessarily need to have a team that you directly manage. To join you just need access to people you can teach and coach.

In Summary
  • I am currently a Supervisor; or
  • I aspire to become a Supervisor; or
  • I am a specialist who wishes to develop the skills of a supervisor, and learn to supervise people.

FIRST XV briefing document...

For the very latest information and a full overview of the programme including course details, please click to download the briefing document.

African Team Leader

International reference from a FIRST XV student – Nov 2016