The guiding policy of an IPMS Manager of Managers is practicing ‘pure management’ operationally and through highly effective supervisors and managers of others.

IPMS will deliver a manager who will:

  • Install and operate the IPMS 8 Stages of Business Readiness system to deliver sustainable business performance – on time, to cost and at quality.
  • Coach their managers to live the brand, values and spirit in delivering all business services on time, in full.
  • Think beyond their own unit and connect their unit to the whole ‘system’ they operate within.

Range of Role

A Manager of Managers is a critical role in the ‘management’ of an organisation. They get results by getting their managers to manage both their people and the business process they are responsible for. In essence, a Manager of Managers must be pure management. Therefore, it’s critical that promotions to this level be based on people and business leadership ability rather than on technical competence, as they have to make this layer work by holding their managers accountable. They select managers, assign ‘managerial and leadership’ work, measure their progress as managers and coach them.

Pure management of their managers, their services and the holistic performance of their business.

Successful performance in this key coaching role is fundamental for busting organisational silos and creating lateral organisations where performance takes precedence over format. Must begin to think beyond their own unit and connect their unit to the whole ‘system’ they operate within and not be self-restricted to operating in one arena.*

*credit to: Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter, James Noel

Eligibility for this programme

By Status

Current Manager of Managers who is in role as a second line manager with some experience and seeking to formally develop their tools, methods and practices as a second-line manager. Typically how to control the performance of a management team, a whole end to end service map as well as deliver budgeted business performance goals.

A second-line manager who has been in post for a while and is not yet fully performing to 100% of role and requires behavioural and technical management development to bridge the gap to 100% performance.

By Potential

A high performing first-line manager who is clearly ready for further development as a second-line manager and to take on broader / more complex aspects of this role. Would need a business coach.

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International reference: Manager of Managers 2016.

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