The guiding policy of an IPMS Manager of Group is to think global, build good strategy and manage risk as a constant.

What IPMS will deliver:

  • An executive with a broad perspective, deep critical reasoning skills and able to ‘see over the horizon’ of immediacy.
  • A brilliant designer of an organisation, adept at appointing highly effective business and functional managers.
  • A market or industry spokesperson with as much passion for the community around the Group, as their people within it.

Range of Role

As broad-gauged executives, Group Leaders need to balance the competing demands of a host of stakeholders including communities, industries, governments and the stock market. Their perspective needs to be broad rather than specialized with generous attention paid to risks, uncertainties and expanded time lines.

At this level, a critical shift in skill sets and values is essential. Group managers must become proficient at evaluating strategy for capital allocation and deployment. They must develop their Business Managers as well as the Function Managers who are ready to become Business Managers.

Group Managers need to question their mix of businesses in terms of present and future utility to the company, they need to assess core capabilities by objectively looking at their resources including human resources and making judgments based on analysis and experience of where resource enhancement is needed.

An effective Group Manager empowers and places greater emphasis on the success of their Business Managers who report to them, rather than striving for personal attention and credit. Effective Group Managers enable their Business Managers to embrace their whole business and take full accountability and deliver the business plan. They must adopt a corporate view.*

*credit to: Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter, James Noel

Eligibility for this programme :

Board Director

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IPMS Manager of Group