The guiding policy of an IPMS Manager of Function is operate locally, think multi-functionally and optimise systemically.

IPMS will deliver a manager who will:

  • Master the 8 Stages of Business Readiness as a strategic tool, through intentional collaboration.
  • Master the 4 Dimensions of Business Acumen: Know your Culture; Business; Market and Customers.
  • Connect ‎business strategy, through multi-functional collaboration, to consistent delivery of all services.

Range of Role

Good Functional Managers (FM) are totally productivity focused even while they are involved in strategy. Their focus is to require Managers of Managers to run the operation while they make the future better. At this layer, they often manage things they haven’t done themselves and that are outside their own experiences. They must endeavour to understand work “foreign to their function” as well as value it. Need to become skilled at recognising functional needs and concerns, often teaming with other functional managers to achieve objectives. Thus delegating becomes even more critical.

Business strategy, multi-functional collaboration, service & systems performance.

Futuristic thinking; recognising, organising and implementing long-term strategies. These requirements often trouble managers at this level. Essentially, they are pushing the envelope to find sustainable competitive advantage rather than immediate yet temporary success. To gain competitive advantage by delivering functional results better than the competition’s, clear about the ‘range of results’.*

*credit to: Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter, James Noel

Eligibility for this programme

By Status

Current Manager of Function who is in role as a functional manager with experience and seeking to formally develop their tools, methods and practices as a functional manager. Typically how to create a high performance culture, a strong management team and a stable functional business strategy and deliver budgeted business performance goals.

A functional manager who has been in post for a while and is not yet fully performing to 100% of role and requires behavioural and technical management development to bridge the gap to 100% performance.

By Potential

A top performing middle manager who is clearly ready for further development as a functional manager and to take on broader / more complex aspects of a MF role. Would need a business coach as well.

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Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 4.51.04 PMInternational reference, demonstrating the relevance of the tools over the years.

Dr. Jones Papo, written reference and short video: