The guiding policy of an IPMS Manager of Business is to embed good culture as strongly as profit perspectives, with a long-term view of success.

What IPMS will deliver:

  • A leader with a blueprint to integrate functions including many they may not fully understand.
  • A creator of autonomy who can drive strategy and delivery of business goals within cost and revenue budgets.
  • Master breaking away from functional thinking to focus on strategy.

Range of Role

Often multi-functional managers, they have the hardest job of all and in many ways the most satisfying.

On the one hand, they must integrate functions including many they may not fully understand. On the other, they gain significant autonomy and leadership liberation. Thus, this level creates the most stumbling blocks and failure because Business Managers have responsibility for both cost and revenue. They have to break away from functional thinking to focus on strategy; i.e. move from looking at plans and proposals functionally to embracing profit perspectives as well as long-term views.

Thus, their work is a balancing act between future goals and present needs; they often have to make trade-offs between the two. This requires thinking time. Good business managers reserve time for reflection and analysis; this is very difficult if they continue doing things.

Learning to accept advice, trust other people and welcome feedback – especially from the functions they have not worked in is essential for Business Managers. A common oversight at this level is failure to recognise and use staff functions such as human resources, finance and legal support.*

*credit to: Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter, James Noel

Eligibility for this programme:

Must be an Operational Director or GM.

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IPMS Manager of Business

International reference, demonstrating the relevance of the tools across a whole Business and an entire strategy.

IPMS video, created to illustrate the need to communicate a vision and an entire strategy to every stakeholder in an integrated manner. Supporting this was a comprehensive leadership development programme referenced above.