Integrated Toolkits

IPMS has developed a comprehensive series of integrated toolkits for all levels of leader. Drawing on three master systems………

  1. The 6 Key Areas of Management Performance             « INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT «
  2. The 8 Stages of Business Readiness                                « BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT «
  3. The 6 Integrated Levels of Leader Development          « ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT «

All courses are described in detail under IPMS Leadership Programmes but it worth noting that each course design connects:

  • The three master systems – in our model below
  • A comprehensive global behavioural competency library, each detailed at 5 levels from entry level to expert – in our model below
  • IPMS toolkits – over 80 unique individual tools – exampled in models shown across

IPMS is probably the most tested, comprehensive toolkit for all six levels of leader that can be delivered to the individual leader or the whole organisation…… and all are made available to each student, at their level, through their personal ‘avatar’ – the Online Learning Advisor (OLA).

“IPMS programmes provide the complete human and business systems thinking toolkit to leaders at each and every level in the organisation.”

Example Toolkits:

The Science of Service Mapping

Example Toolkits:

The IPMS Integrated Model
IPMS Integrated Model

Example Toolkits:

The Anatomy of Effective Organisations