Proof-based development is a cornerstone in a leader’s progress within a role and into future roles.

Pre-Audit: a pre-audit is conducted before commencement to examine the state of the manager’s business performance and the competency levels of each manager. 

Body of evidence: created by each manager in and between each training KAMP. Ultimately, it is presented to their manager as the blueprint they are using to develop their business and themselves. 

Post-Audit: a post-audit is conducted to examine the shift versus the document blueprint and its intentions. 


Audits are conducted rapidly with relevant and anonymous stakeholder groups who are briefed to answer questions based on knowledge of evidence indicating there exists clear policy, process and measures related to the role as well the performance of the leader being audited. Stakeholders find is quite easy to rapidly and objectively respond to each question. Managers concur that the audit data is almost always 100% accurate.

Needs emerge in 3 key areas relevant to the level of each manager / leader: 

  1. Business Mastery – status of the business from product to process vs. plan
  2. Cultural Optimisation – status of the organisation and its people
  3. Competencies – status of the leader’s individual competency levels

From the AUDIT DATA we can determine both what you know and how well you do it.

The audit sets out the type of gap and the size of gap for each individual leader.


Provides crystal clear evidence of excellence or development needs with pin-point accuracy.

Example Audits

All scores are 100% based on objective evidence not opinion and the 83 audit questions ask for the scorer to reference evidence, e.g. a documented Plan; a Policy, a clear Process; sufficient & skilled People and consistent Prioritisation.

Lots of GREEN is good.

ORANGE and RED indicate where to focus

Should there be large variances in scores between senior and operational managers, it indicates an issue across their ‘line of sight’

CLICK the button to download an example report – we have blurred the 83 data points.