Gary Winter, Head of IPMS Central Asia

Gary is our most experienced international trainer with 22 years international experience and skill in executing IPMS Global’s ‘Drotter-based’ leadership programmes including China, India, Singapore, the UAE and across all of Africa.

An agile-minded, highly skilled trainer, with exceptional skills in business and senior leadership development. Considerable knowledge and ability within the Financial Services market place globally, specifically in the implementation of Drotter-based systems. Exceptional experience skills in developing leaders from the development of business strategies, markets and product development to fully expanding access to the fullest cultural capital in their businesses. Gary is also a specialist business and personal coach focusing on the key behavioural factors that differentiate outstanding performance from ordinary, using internationally referenced tools to ensure potential change is based on data and science.

Gary led the deployment of an IPMS Drotter-based programme entitled “Inspired Leadership” to Leaders of Business and General Managers. It is a behavioural module within the IPMS core curriculum, focused on moving the ‘leadership style’ to ‘systems thinking servant leadership’ to harness the capacity and capability of 2000+ people in the divisions responsible for marketing actuarial,  marketing and product innovation. The outcome was a resounding success.

Nigeria & Ghana – Lagos Business School; Petrochemical industry; FMCG

Gary is an international guest lecturer on Leaderships on LBS Managing Accelerated Performance Programme (MAP) for new or potential high talented leaders of businesses, and their Advanced Management Programme (AMP) for senior “C suite” leaders, who wish to advance their career. In other industries enabling client organisations to make their “Global Employee Attitude” Survey Targets, through their leadership teams while simultaneously achieving a significant uplift in business performance and the achievement of their goals and business results.


Co-author of the IPMS International Competency Library

Gary’s deep experience in connecting competency to role definitions and business performance led him to co-author the development and maintenance of our IPMS International Competency Library. Gary has probably the most practical and versatile skill set in getting people to understand the value and simplicity of competency based development.

Gary Winter
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IPMS Central Asia offers, in Dubai, every programme you read about on the IPMS Global website.

Gary has worked extensively with us at the cutting edge of programme development for IPMS Global for the past 22 years, and his testimonials can be read on the pages of the Level of Leader programmes – especially Manager of Function where Dr. Jones Papo talks about Gary’s training – 

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