The IPMS Competency Library

IPMS Competency LibraryWe provide a comprehensive competency library to all the senior leaders we teach as they are the organisation’s designers. It provides them with 35 globally benchmarked competencies, each with 5 levels, with which to define the standards for all roles.

The IPMS competency library specifies 8 core  and 27 elective competencies. The former apply to all roles at various levels and the latter can be drawn from, depending on the nature of the role.

Relating the IPMS competency library to all six levels of management*, provides an integrated framework of common competencies and skills from which one can assess the strength of the leadership team.
* Manager of Group; Manager of Business; Manager of Function; Manager of Managers; Manager of Others; Manager of Self.

Your specific competency framework is then completed by connecting the six levels of manager through the IPMS key areas of management performance (KAMPs) to the IPMS eight stages of business readiness, and role profiles are then built to lead and manage the organisation.

The IPMS competency library is built on observable behaviours i.e. you can see, hear and assess the effectiveness of a manager’s behaviour in any given situation. All definitions in this library are tangible, everyday behaviours, appropriate to a level of manager.

This transparent behavioural, observable approach to competency explains the need for these levels of competency in the context of their responsibilities and the services they lead and deliver. It is always enthusiastically adopted because it empowers leaders to design the resource plan, skills and ultimately the roles they need to deliver sustainable performance. Your leadership team will fully understand:

  • How all roles are designed in the context of eight stages of business readiness and the functions of their business area.
  • How people development is planned and mapped to the competencies required for their current role, and any relevant or related roles.

IPMS Competency Library
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