IPMS Africa Di Timberlake, Head of Country – IPMS Africa 

” Hi everyone, my name is Di and I am Head of Country for IPMS Africa, based in Johannesburg as well as a Master Trainer facilitating for the leadership and people development courses on offer from IPMS Africa. I met Jacques 12+ years ago and absolutely loved the tangibility of his programmes and how incredibly practical they are for students to learn, use and see immediate benefit from. The revolution we as a team have gone through to 2019 in developing and innovating tools, methods and programmes is nothing less than incredible.  Higher quality, better precision and in a fraction of the time. 

I am a teacher, a trainer, a coach and a facilitator and I believe everyone can be successful in what they do if they are truly committed to lifelong learning. For the past 25 years, I have taught thousands of business leaders and managers and I come away having discovered something new with every interaction.  What a privilege!

 My passion is helping you to reach your maximum potential.  That great “aha” moment of discovery, learning and application is what drives me to keep doing what I do. It is all about your journey, where you are at and how I can assist you to learn how to harness your own passion, develop and hone your skills and then apply them with excellence. 

One unique quality I bring is how deeply I connect with each student, their needs and purpose and their individual journey. It is called ‘caring’ and it is something I bring right out on the table as a group of strangers start a learning journey together. 

“Show you care, show you are there, be present for others in your group every moment.”

Multiply this by all the students on a programme and we have an amazing network of one-to-one relationships fostered through simply caring enough to be present for one another as we all learn new tools, methods and processes. I want you to win and leave my training a better person, being able to successfully pursue your dreams in the world of whatever you choose to do next. “

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Service Delivery Optimisation

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Know Your MBCC

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IPMS Africa offers every programme you read about on the IPMS Global HOME page or on the TABs –  Level of Leader and Specific Skills.

We have been at the cutting edge of programme development for IPMS Global for the past 15 years, and our testimonials can be read on the pages of the Level of Leader programmes.

One unique feature for clients in South Africa is local pricing

Clicking the images displayed next to our short course programmes, will take your individual one-page information sheets which also display local pricing.

You can also watch some video of our students and their views on the benefits of the IPMS Africa training, here http://www.ipmsglobal.com/manager-of-function/ and also here http://www.ipmsglobal.com/manager-of-others/

Right Things Right

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Servant Leadership

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Systems Thinking

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Design Build Run

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