The guiding policy of an IPMS Manager of Self is a self-leading, self-managing empowered individual.

IPMS will deliver a manager who will:

  • Get to 100% of role performance and sustain this.
  • Build, own and deliver on their own career path within their profession or beyond it.
  • Analyses causes and costs of poor performance, determine casualty and put in place sustainable remedies.

Range of Role

In the first six months on the job, values are established that stay forever. The management trick is to help good individual contributors move from being managed i.e. Only doing only what they are told to do, to becoming self-managing, self-leading; i.e. Think, analyse, decide, act, perform.*

IPMS toolkits are build to enable individuals to become self-leading, self-managing and 100% accountable.

Self management may be exactly where some contributors are best suited. Don’t promote individual contributors into management positions unless there is clear evidence of management capabilities and interest.

Managers of Self are able to take responsible ownership for doing the RIGHT THINGS RIGHT

Right Things are the high value activities they engage in. Time is exceptionally precious and ‘capacity’ for work is limited by the hours in the day, so we need to optimise Capacity.
Things Right is the high quality delivery they wish to achieve. Rework and redoing things is expensive and frustrating, we need to be ‘capable’ of delivering work right first time, so we need to optimise Capability.

*credit to: Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter, James Noel

Eligibility for this programme

By Status

Current Manager of Self – Technical or Professional who is in role and seeking to practically develop their capacity (right things) and capability (things right) through quick to learn and always to remember methods and practices.

Programme content varies depending on whether the individual is a Manager of Self – Technical or Professional, and is illustrated in the documents available on this page.

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