Stages of Business Readiness

This model is as well researched, stress tested and respected by a multitude of IPMS practitioners as the core ‘organisational design’ model and the most powerful ‘business readiness’ test they have come across. The rate of adoption is 100% because it is an easy to understand and complete system, spanning the end-to-end life cycle of establishing a high performance organisation.

The 8 Stages of Business Readiness

Each Stage has a clear purpose and measurable outcome. Within each of the 8 Stages are 5 Steps, and within these are a comprehensive set of enabling tools.

1. Vision/Culture/Goals

Embedding the Company’s vision and objectives within every individual in my function, forming a common culture.

2. Services Defined

Crystal clear statements of service and service deliverables from my function understood.

3. Service Process Map

Clear unambiguous processes, workflow and metrics with excellent handoffs into and out of my function.

4. Skills Group Management

Working in relation to our processes and handoffs, every type of level of skill mapped for business today and tomorrow.

5. Resource Planning

Clear process of resource demand planning that matches current and future work demands.

6. People Management

Skills groups matched to workflow and work demand with clear career paths.

7. Team Effectiveness

All teams in my function aligned to the company’s vision and objectives, and working as a team.

8. Individual Performance

Every individual in my function working effectively and willingly to optimal capacity.

IPMS - Eight stages of readiness

Evidence of the outcomes and tools, methods and processes to enable this:-

  • Each STAGE is enabled by a set of tools that work independently and interdependently to put the Stage in place and support it performing sustainably, with clear performance standard and outcomes.
  • All performance standards are aligned to the level of business unit being developed.
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