Flexible leadership programmes designed for delivery anywhere in the world

Our leadership programmes are built around either:

  1. Attending eCALA: our leadership academy in Greece, or
  2. Your Company site: running a course at a venue you select

All of our courses fit into two structured options. Each individual course will have a very specific curricula and timetable, supplied on your expression of interest.

  • Option 1 courses are for Supervisors and Managers of Others (e.g people and process managers)
  • Option 2 courses are for Managers of Managers and Managers of Function (e.g. organisational performance and business strategy managers)

Finally there are two choices of delivery channel, in 2016. We will offer either:

  1. Online blended learning courses using our online tools, or
  2. Traditional face-to-face courses.

2016/7 IPMS Global Curricula of Leadership Programmes

2016:7 IPMS Global Curricula of Leadership Programmes

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