Welcome to the training KAMP* of systems thinking servant leaders…

We train leaders in integrated systems thinking and servant leadership using IPMS toolkits to effect significant, sustainable change.

Since 1997 we have designed and deliver powerful, practical and practised leadership skills.

Trained at your location, we architect and deliver programmes to meet specific customer needs. We are 100% focused on measuring the successful execution of training and not simply the pleasure of learning. 

Our reputation is build on our integrated approach to developing levels of leaders in the same organisation, same division, same function using common tools applied to individual areas of accountability which all come together on a common value chain. It develops deep ‘systems thinking’ with ‘symbiotic leadership behaviours’ without diluting any individual brilliance.

We address two broad areas of need:

1. Level of Leader training programmes – to full competence at a role level


  • Our globally praised Levels of Leader programmes have a referenced pedigree of 10 years
  • These programmes span all six levels of leader: Group; Business; Function, Managers; Others & Self
  • Each level can be trained per level or through an integrated method connect all the levels within an organisation and/or its operating functions
  • Innovative methods of delivery mean significantly less training time, affording savings in time and price reductions

2. Specific Skills training programmes – learned with speed and accuracy

We can offer either:

(i) Powerful toolkits-only training events – over 3 days

(ii) the above, plus competency training in blocks of 3 days, depending on the programme.


  • Specific Skills in a particular aspect of leadership;
  • 3 days of intense toolkit training on how to use each toolkit;
  • Depart with a plan to execute the toolkits and a guidebook;
  • Option to extend the toolkits training to include competency training.
  • Significantly less training time, affording savings in time and price reductions

*KAMP means Key Areas of Management Performance 

Feel free to contact me with any questions:

Di Timberlake

Head of Country IPMS Africa


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Finding & defining development needs


Needs emerge in 83 data points across 4 key areas: 

    1. Future Direction and your Strategy to get there:
      Do you know how to look over the horizon and decide where to go next, why and how? 
    2. Domain expertise:
      Do you know your industry, market, customer, consumers and your own business? 
    3. Running your Operation:
      Do you know how your value chain should be designed & built, now and in the future?
      Do you know how to manage complexity, uncertainty and deliver services successfully?
    4. Leading and Skilling:
      Do you know how to find and keep good managers?
      Do you know how to define the skills they need to run your value chain?
      Do you know how to coach them to coach their people to achieve their goals?


From the AUDIT DATA we can determine both what you know and how well you know it.

The audit sets out the type of gap and the size of gap for each individual leader.


Will indicate all GOOD, or a general issue with the LEVEL of a LEADER or a need for a SPECIFIC SKILL

Example Audits

All scored are 100% based on objective evidence not opinion.

The 83 audit areas ask for evidence of you using: a documented Plan; good Policy, clear Process; sufficient & skilled People, consistent Prioritisation.

Lots of GREEN is good.

ORANGE and RED indicate where to focus

Large variances between Senior and Operational Managers audit scores indicate a further problem in the Line of Sight

Press the button to download an example report – we have blurred the 83 data points.


Level of Leader or Specific Skills

Level of Leader training is focused on bringing someone up to full competence at the specified level both in terms of broad competencies and specific business skills.

Specific skills training is focused on a business skill you need immediately, it can be offered in a toolkit training only format or plus skills training as well. We will vary the complexity for each level of leader.

LEVEL OF LEADER Training Programmes

SPECIFIC SKILLS Training Programmes

for 2019 MENU

for 2019 MENU

Succeeding in the face of adversity:

…a leadership interview with Jacques Marais by Cape Media

Jacques Marais, the founder of Integrated Performance Management Systems (IPMS) Global and the creator of eCALA Life, is a beacon of inspiration and a true embodiment of what one’s choices, hard work and unwavering determination can achieve.

CLICK below to read the interview:

180420 Jacques marais interview in Leadership magazine

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