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IPMS has developing leaders and managers for over 20 years and remains the first fully Integrated Performance Management (non-software) System providing:

Toolkits, blueprints, skills and ‘tested application’ at very level of leader/manager, every business readiness dimension and all key areas of management performance.

IPMS enables this through toolkits and skills which allow you to focus on one brick or the whole building, alone or with other individuals, leading and managing interchangeably.

IPMS is about learning, application and sustaining results

Learning to lead and manage successfully at all levels and in all environments means commitment, hard work and patience with yourself.

Learning isn’t a linear process because people absorb, learn, retain and deploy training differently. Skills are only developed once this happened, and can then be tempered over time. Equally leadership is a permanent challenge not a status, so you need to trained and coached to be ready with the tools and skills to serve and lead.

The website is full of tools, methods, blogs and programmes which are here to aid leaders and managers at every level: the individual self-leader, a newly appointed manager, to the CEO. If you wish to have something explained, ask.

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IPMS Leadership Programmes

IPMS offers both extensive Leadership programmes, for all six levels of leader and encompassing all six Key Areas of Management Performance as well as individual Leadership programmes dealing with one Key Area of Management Performance

In the Index to the left – click on IPMS Leadership Programmes and Our Programmes for all extensive programmes, by level of leader

In the Boxes below – click on the individual Leadership programmes, which are explained in terms of content not duration or price because each can be tailored to the level of leader and experience. Note: we can build up to 67 individual programmes from our toolkits – these are just examples.


IPMS Models that drive business metrics


The old Right Things Right concept has been taken to a new level, including defining 9 elements and 43 components and then all related to business metrics….. transforming every graduating IPMS leader’s personal and business performance.

ecala-logo-minitureOur eCALA Leadership Centre opens on the island of Patmos, in Greece 2017!
Click here for the eCALA website

Jacques Marais

Jacques Marais - CEO
The dangers in using the term ‘Strategy’

It’s a simple fact that all strategy begins as an untested hypothesis, in other words a best-guess. No matter how well intentioned or significant the challenge or goal  there is Good Strategy and Bad Strategy

Good strategy:

Is founded on patiently sifting through data across the whole ‘landscape’ on which you wish to deploy it, to discover unseen points of leverage and exploring them ( i.e. their strength, value and sustainability).

Undergoes rigorous examination before you commit scarce resources to it. Good strategy is also about a well-thought-through design – a blueprint – with every assumption uncovered and tested.

Is scientific hypothesis and as all trained systems thinkers know, with hypothesis comes dead ends, blind alleys and failures as you test for the necessary conditions for success.

Is about setting a strong guiding policy which references all decisions and choices of actions directed to bringing your design to fruition, through relentlessly directing resources at it.

Is enabled by wise choices to ensure your steps cannot easily be followed. Using resources as if they are scarce because no-one has infinite resources.

Is knowing the moment you commence you immediately divert time, money, skill, expertise, emotion and people from whatever they were doing, so those things will immediately decline.

Always begs the questions:

  • Why do you want to be, achieve and sustain?
  • What To Change?
  • What to Change To?
  • How to Cause Change?

….and beneath these questions lies the hard work of mapping the blueprint (see the image attached

Bad Strategy:

Is launched with great bravado and packed full of untested assumptions

Is full of inflated, esoteric words and concepts such as : we will be world class!

Is generally confused with speed and tactical moves to ‘take ground’ which is almost always very costly in time and resources,

Leaves the path open for any ground gained to be retaken from those you took it from.

Jacques Marais – Executive Chairman


…with significant credit to Richard Rumelt – the master strategist

Europe, Central Asia and Africa Leadership Academy – eCALA !

Click here for the eCALA website

Introducing eCALA

Welcome to eCALA !

Set on a beautiful Greek island in the Aegean, right on the shores of a beautiful cove facing the sunrise, eCALA is a forum, a centre, a hub designed for people to breathe, think, listen and learn. The physical bridge between Europe, Africa & Central Asia, the cradle of all ancient civilisations across these three continents.

Current events at
IPMS Global – eCALA – IPMS Africa


2017 – SPRinT Sales System by IPMS Global

Following an extensive period of redesign the 2017 SPRinT Sales System is being rolled out in corporate leaderships teams in Africa and Europe.

Connecting 4 points of Knowledge – Culture, Business, Market and Customer through a systematic approach of identifying ‘sustainable leverage’ in client product and service propositions.












Click here for the eCALA website

Launched across Europe, Central Asia and Africa – the eCALA Leadership Academy website is proving to be a highlight for many planning their personal and company development in 2017 and 2018.

IPMS is providing the leadership, programme and management capital to ensure an effective and successful opening in 2017.

In the same month the IPMS Global website has seen a major overhaul to ensure it reflects the fullness of our collective proposition and services.

2017 is going to be a massive year for IPMS Global as it expands across three continents.


Patmos announced as the location for eCALA

IPMS is delighted to announce that the location for its new leadership centre, opening in June 2017, is Patmos. Patmos has a population of 2,998 and an area of 34.05 km2. In 1999, the island’s historic center Chora, along with the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian and the Cave of the Apocalypse, were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. In 2009, Forbes magazine named Patmos “Europe’s most idyllic place to live”, writing that “Patmos has evolved over the centuries but has not lost its air of quiet tranquility, which is one reason why people that know it return again and again”.


Creation of the Charles Marais island bursary

IPMS is pleased to announce the creation of the Charles Marais island bursary. This bursary will provide complimentary places on all IPMS Global programmes at eCALA to Greek islanders who cannot personally fund their fees.

IPMS Central Asia

Excellent news in setting up IPMS Central Asia, offering the full range of IPMS Programmes – see Programmes tabs above. Working closely with eCALA all IPMS Leadership programmes will be delivered at eCALA, in Greece or in-country as required.




Click here for the 2017 eCALA programme

Feb 7th saw the launch of the full 2017 programme at eCALA which is pure indulgence ! …….. click on the link above and smile. 2018 will see the full launch of all IPMS leadership programmes, but for now come and have fun !


Click here for the eCALA website

Launched across Europe, Central Asia and Africa – the eCALA Leadership Academy website is proving to be a highlight for many planning their personal and company development in 2017 and 2018.

On the ground on Patmos: Huge work is being undertaken to prepare the site –  renovating 100 year old buildings to their full former glory – rebuilding the Taverna to become an ultra modern ‘cold kitchen’ – installing water and solar power services – and using 100% local trades people and materials sourced locally.


New website for eCALA on Patmos

The brand new eCALA website goes live on November 22. Designed with the ‘eye’ in mind the website is dominated by pictures taken here on Patmos over the past few months.

The detailed explanation of eCALA’s purpose and programmes will ignite the ambitions of anyone who decides and then does something about the Triple Bottom Line (Planet People Profit)


2017 eCALA Programmes to be launched by 31 October

The curriculum is designed on the three pillars of Planet People and Profit, offering DEEP* learning programmes:

Planet: will offer a range of highly innovative programmes including building straw bale houses to reforestation

People: will offer a range of personal mastery programmes including becoming a practitioner in yoga, pilates and multi-disciplinary healing techniques

Profit: will offer a range of IPMS Global programmes including becoming a full functional leader/manager or setting up your own business

*D.E.E.P. Learning (Define, Explain, Example, Practice ) is a methodology used to develop practitioner skills in a subject.


Breaking Ground !

September is an incredibly exciting milestone for eCALA as the team arrives on the island to begin clearing the site for the construction of the eCALA village.

Working closely with the local municipality and community, the  eCALA team will landscape and prepare the land for the arrival and installation of the Geodesic Domes.

One small step for eCALA and one giant leap towards a philosophy of planet-people-profit !


Dawn of the Domes

The summer testing of the new domes is complete, now we prepare for the winter testing !

Lear: Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!

You cataracts and hurricanoes, spout

Till you have drench’d our steeples, drown’d the cocks!

2018 intake opens on July 3 with only 48 places. The whole programme will be run at our eCALA centre in Greece over 16 days !

The Four Abilities in the Boardroom for women to be our natural leaders….

Women are naturally more able – intellectually, academically, emotionally and spiritually – but are unnaturally not selected to run Companies.
Why? …..supply and demand ? …..selection process? …..talent pipeline? 

Almost everyone you talk to agrees it should happen, and almost all ask “How do we do it?”

We need INNOVATION ! … we need to reverse the decision making process to SUPPLY led ! 

We need to redefine the purpose and roles of Directors because nothing much has changed in 150 years except more committees, more reports, more governance, more consultants ……resulting in greater bureaucracy, slower reaction speeds, greater entropy, little initiative, sporadic innovation and zero seeing over the horizon…..


A: “Where are the others going?”

B: “Dunno, just follow and we won’t get fired!”

This project will capacitate women with abilities that future Boards will need to at least survive and hopefully compete:

Ability 1: Through Servant Leadership to see over the horizon and truly know what could be and will be
Ability 2: To embed Innovation as a first skill and habit, empowering all roles to lead change
Ability 3: To re-engineer the Flow of Change to run ‘bottom up’ from the core to the goal
Ability 4: To harness the Triple Bottom Line as your leader’s Global Performance System

It’s time to set out new rules and new ground and let’s see who makes it?


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