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Jacques Marais - CEO
2018 heralds amazing levels of change. Newly appointed heads of state in Africa, Europe and the Americas balance a 30-year nation-building vision with the fraction of the time they have between election cycles. Business leaders search for the answers to sustainability and/or successful change and/or effective transformation which may take 3 to 5 years to bed-in, while new entrants to their market carve into their core revenue streams. Education systems search to establish STEM Education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) as the world moves inevitably towards robotics and automation, while facing huge pressures for ‘high scores’ in tables. Non-political global leaders tackle the ceaseless macro-economic pressures of health, food and water security, power and communications infrastructures and sources of renewable resources, while whole economies compete against the greater good because of their raison d’être of ‘winner takes all’.

So how do you tackle this? Whether you are a business, an education system or a country – leaders at all levels need to apply ‘systems thinking’ to their situation. Time is your only real currency and it is scarce. We teach you to audit the design and running of your operations and organisation and to think about the ‘whole’ before you act. It takes consideration, contemplation, coordination and brilliant execution, and we teach you all the necessary tools to enable this.

Jacques Marais – Executive Chairman


IPMS Wellness in Leadership Village

We can deliver all leadership programmes either at our international learning village or at your location


Our eCALA Learning village is on the Greek island of Pátmos
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ipms-africa All IPMS leadership programmes can be delivered in your city or location of your choosing and in the local currency

IPMS Leadership Programmes

We are learning programme architects and contextualise each specifically for your outcomes and the level of leader

STEP 1: Defining your development needs using IPMS Audit Tools


One of the imperitives when designing and executing leadership development is being scientific in defining the needs and designing a solution that addresses them, appropriate to each level of leader.

Leadership development programmes must be cognisant of all the dimensions impacted by a leader’s decisions and actions, including the:


From the data we can determine gaps in both the DESIGN and PERFORMANCE of the business unit and each individual leader


Depending on the outcomes either/or/both DEEP and SPECIFIC SKILL leadership training can be selected

Example Audits

First, the colour coding highlights all the areas of focus, then shows the massive disparities within and between management levels

  • DESIGN OF OPERATIONAL SERVICES AND ORGANISATION: Executives and their senior leaders assess their status very differently
  • RUNNING THE ORGANISATION EFFECTIVELY: Senior leaders and their line managers assess their status very similarly

Press the button to download an example report – we have blurred the 83 data points.

STEP 2: Leadership Programme Selection

We have +70 programmes which fit into 2 types of programme: DEEP and SPECIFIC SKILL leadership training

DEEP Leadership Training Programmes

Directed at developing a specific level of leader to full competency:
Click on the boxes below to learn about the programme offered for each level of leader


IPMS Manager of ManagersPutting Women
in the Boardroom


IPMS Manager of GroupManager
of Group


IPMS Manager of BusinessManager
of Business


IPMS Manager of functionManager
of Function


IPMS Manager of OthersManager
of Managers


IPMS Asian Student



of Others


African Team LeaderTeam


IPMS Blended LearningManager of Self


Focused on a business skill you need immediately and we vary the complexity for each level of leader:
Click on the boxes below for example programmes ( note we can design +70 skill programmes)


Being-a-Servant-LeaderBeing a Servant Leader


Being-an-Innovator-1Being an Innovator


Being-a-Systems-ThinkerBeing A Systems Thinker


Being-Business-ReadyBeing Business Ready


Being-a-Sales-MasterBeing a Sales Master


Being-a-Master-NetworkerBeing a Social Media Master

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