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IPMS (Integrated Performance Management Systems) has been developing leaders and managers for over 20 years.

Through method-based training we skill you using practical toolkits and tested application.

Every level of leader/manager, every dimension of business readiness and all key areas of management performance.

Whether you wish to focus on one element or a whole programme, for yourself or your company, we can tailor a solution.

IPMS is about method-learning, application and sustaining the skills learned.

Learning to lead and manage successfully at all levels and in all environments means commitment, hard work and patience with yourself because learning isn’t a linear process and people absorb, learn, retain and deploy training differently. Equally leadership is unpredictable challenge so you may only use the necessary tools and skills when the unpredictable happens.

This website is full of all kinds of resources: architectures, programmes and ideas. Feel free to ask any questions.

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IPMS Leadership Programmes

IPMS offers both extensive Leadership programmes, for all six levels of leader and encompassing all six Key Areas of Management Performance as well as individual Leadership programmes dealing with one Key Area of Management Performance

In the Index to the left – click on IPMS Leadership Programmes and Our Programmes for all extensive programmes, by level of leader

In the Boxes below – click on the individual Leadership programmes, which are explained in terms of content not duration or price because each can be tailored to the level of leader and experience. Note: we can build up to 67 individual programmes from our toolkits – these are just examples.


IPMS Models that drive business metrics


The old Right Things Right concept has been taken to a new level, including defining 9 elements and 43 components and then all related to business metrics….. transforming every graduating IPMS leader’s personal and business performance.

ecala-logo-minitureOur eCALA Learning Centre opens on the island of Pátmos, in June 2018
Click here for the eCALA website

Jacques Marais

Jacques Marais - CEO
NEW for 2018:              “Get it in 1 week”           IPMS Programmes

Responding to the ceaseless pressure on time, we have developed a series of one week programmes to address pressing needs in leadership and management.

Being a Servant Leader

This week is an outstanding opportunity to learn the principles and then practice methods which develop you into a servant leader. Taking the same principles every business leader believes of customer service and customer first, it transposes them onto the principles and practices of people service.

Being an Innovator

Shattering the myth that innovation is a spontaneous reaction to circumstances and a flash of utter brilliance, you will spend a week learning how to innovate as a behaviour. Led by an IPMS Global ‘systems thinker’ you will learn the four fundamental pillars of innovation as ‘methods’ with tools that you can return to all the time.

Being A Systems Thinker

It might sound a little insulting to be told “You need to re-learn how to Think!” but for the open hearted and minded this week is a life changing opportunity to learn how to stand back and see, understand and respond to a whole landscape of interactive conditions and find the root causes of challenges and opportunities. Led by an IPMS Global ‘systems thinker’, Systems Thinking is contextualised and practically taught through three toolkits over the week

Being a Master Networker

Ever read the immortal words “Come to this outstanding networking event, make life changing connections and change your destiny forever!” You get there and wonder “Why did I come? I am no good at this…. I actually hate meeting strangers.” The week is dedicated to teaching you how to set up and run your own networking events, where you connect people to one another proactively and simultaneously achieve your business and personal objectives


Jacques Marais – Executive Chairman


Europe, Central Asia and Africa Leadership Academy – eCALA !

Click here for the eCALA website

Introducing eCALA

Welcome to eCALA !

Set on a beautiful Greek island in the Aegean, right on the shores of a beautiful cove facing the sunrise, eCALA is a forum, a centre, a hub designed for people to breathe, think, listen and learn. The physical bridge between Europe, Africa & Central Asia, the cradle of all ancient civilisations across these three continents.

Current events at
IPMS Global – eCALA – IPMS Africa

In June 2018, the eCALA Learning Centre opens and IPMS Global will be offering 4 one week and 2 two week courses, each being offered two or three times over the academic year.

eCALA will be a unique learning village offering accommodation to 50 students studying 29 subjects from May to October every year. See – http://www.ecalalife.com


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