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IPMS offers DEEP extensive Leadership programmes, run between 3 and 12 months for all six levels of leader as well as SPECIFIC SKILLS programmes.

DEEP extensive Leadership programmes: click on IPMS Leadership Programmes in the MENU to review each of these programmes.

SPECIFIC SKILLS programmes: stay on this page to read an overview then click on each programmes link for more detail.

NOTE: we are programme architects and can build 70+ individual programmes from our toolkits, at every level of leader.


IPMS (Integrated Performance Management Systems) has been developing leaders and managers for over 20 years.

Through method-based training we skill you using practical toolkits and tested application.

Every level of leader/manager, every dimension of business readiness and all key areas of management performance.

Whether you wish to focus on one element or a whole programme, for yourself or your company, we can tailor a solution.

IPMS is about method-learning, application and sustaining the skills learned.

Learning to lead and manage successfully at all levels and in all environments means commitment, hard work and patience with yourself because learning isn’t a linear process and people absorb, learn, retain and deploy training differently. Equally leadership is unpredictable challenge so you may only use the necessary tools and skills when the unpredictable happens.

This website is full of all kinds of resources: architectures, programmes and ideas. Feel free to ask any questions.

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IPMS Models that drive business metrics


The old Right Things Right concept has been taken to a new level, including defining 9 elements and 43 components and then all related to business metrics….. transforming every graduating IPMS leader’s personal and business performance.

eCALA-Logo-2018Our eCALA Learning village is on the island of Pátmos, courses start June 3 2018
Click here for the eCALA website

Jacques Marais

Jacques Marais - CEO
2018 Programmes are both diverse and extremely relevant to the changing world: running either at our eCALA Life learning village in Greece: http://www.ecalalife.com or at your place of business, anywhere in the world.

1 week programmes for all levels

Responding to the ceaseless pressure on time, we have developed a series of one week programmes to address pressing needs in leadership and management.

Being a Servant Leader

This week is an outstanding opportunity to learn the principles and then practice methods which develop you into a servant leader. Taking the same principles every business leader believes of customer service and customer first, it transposes them onto the principles and practices of people service. See more: https://www.ecalalife.com/project/being-a-servant-leader/

Being an Innovator

Shatter the myth that innovation is a spontaneous reaction to circumstances and a flash of utter brilliance – spend a week learning how to innovate methodically, so you can do it all the time. Using various case studies, including the eCALA Village and eCALA proposition as a simple example of innovating a learning centre, you will build your own innovation project. See more: https://www.ecalalife.com/project/being-an-innovator/

Being A Systems Thinker

It might sound a little insulting to hear “Most of us need to re-learn how to Think!”. This week is for those looking for the next big leap in learning and development. It is for the open hearted and minded and a life changing opportunity to learn how to stand back and ‘see’ the whole system of things, to appreciate and understand how all the parts interact with one another, to discover the necessary conditions for things to work as a ‘system’ and address the root causes of challenges and how to take advantage of opportunities. See more: https://www.ecalalife.com/project/being-a-systems-thinker/

Being a Social Media Master Networker

Social media has created an explosion of ‘contacts’ and some people live in ‘bubbles’ of constant daily/hourly/by-the-minute ‘send and respond messaging. LinkedIn has become an extension of Facebook as people pour their emotional states onto the pages. Twitter is a collective reaction to ‘big news’ and successful entrepreneurs use Instagram to promote their products brilliantly. Additionally, entrepreneurs and employed business people attend multiple conferences and events to network and find new contacts, mostly to sell their products or improve their career opportunities, but most do not know how to do this successfully. This week at eCALA is dedicated to teaching you to understand and to use one or more Social Media channels appropriately and effectively, as well as how to set up and run your own networking events and achieve your business and personal objectives. http://See more: https://www.ecalalife.com/project/being-a-social-media-master-networker/

2 week programmes for all levels

Responding (again) to the ceaseless pressure on time, we have condensed two of our four week programmes into two weeks without diluting the content or learning.

Being Business Ready

Being Business Ready is a programme that provides you with a whole system to build and deliver a business. It is equally relevant to self employed entrepreneurs as it is to managers in every business in the world. It is a two week certified programme, taking you and your business on a complete journey of applying the IPMS method – the 8 Stages of Business Readiness. It is an intense yet hugely engaging programme, led by an IPMS Global Master Trainer, where you learn 8 toolkits.
See more: https://www.ecalalife.com/project/being-business-ready/

Being a Sales Master

Sales mastery is a science and an art, but first a science. This is a two week certified programme, teaching and coaching you in the methods of becoming a SPRinT Sales Master. It is about the science of selling and the art of applying it. Over two weeks, under the tuition and coaching of a SPRinT Sales Master Trainer, you will learn and apply the four toolkits, together with personal behavioural skills to apply them effectively. http://See more: https://www.ecalalife.com/project/being-a-sales-master/


Jacques Marais – Executive Chairman


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